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Participants of the Masterclass are welcome to also join day 2 of the BIAF programme.

The Masterclass Strategic Acceleration is a 4,5 hour separate executive coaching track that runs in parallel to the regular BIAF programme. It involves a maximum of 12 C-level association professionals and / or board members.

The day is coached and facilitated by professional coach and mastermind PAUL RULKENS, who was also the BIAF keynote opening of BIAF first edition.

Background of the Masterclass:

More than 70% of all strategies fail to achieve their intended goals. The reason is not that we are lacking good ideas, but we often lack strategy implementation power.

In the Masterclass Strategic Acceleration, we will help you create a strategic action blueprint for your organization to drive strategy implementation to make 2023 your best year ever.

Learning Outcomes:

We will co-create a blueprint for strategic execution for your organization. This blueprint will help you to maximize the chance that you achieve your 2023 strategic goals. This blueprint consists of:

  • Tangible strategic goals for 2023.
  • Clear boundaries to stay within.
  • A project portfolio of strategic options to implement.
  • An overview of activities, projects and initiatives to strategically quit to release the resources to achieve the 2023 strategic goals.
  • The high-performance behaviors necessary for success.
  • Systems and structures to continue to drive progress on strategic goals:
    • Set-up of strategy review meetings.
    • Implementation of new high-performance behavioral standards.
    • KPI’s to measure progress.
    • Interactive
    • Lots of room for peer review and discussion

The Masterclass fee is €450,- / €650,- depending on the time of registration.

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