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BIAF Day 1 6 December 2021


Registration & Welcome Coffee



with Kai Troll, President of ASSOCIATIONWORLD

BIAF Moderator Jane Cunningham

Brussels official tbc



with BIAF Moderator Jane Cunningham


PAUL RULKENS - Keynote Opening Speech


How do successful people, teams, and organizations become even more successful? We will discuss the three key areas where small differences will really make a difference for you and your team. As a result, you will be inspired with practical ideas to take more, better, and smarter initiatives to significantly raise the bar in turbulent times.

Main takeaways:

  • How to inspire yourself and others to move to the top 10% in your business or professional field
  • How to achieve twice the results in half of the time
  • How to rapidly build high performance habits for you and your team
  • How to create a courageous culture of achieving more by doing less
  • How to strategically quit your way to achieve big goals


Session 1:
Moving from Governance to Good Governance

SARAH VERSCHAEVE, Partner, Curia Non-Profit Law


moderated by FILIPE MACHADO, Association Coordinator, Dentons Global Advisors Interel

Session overview: 

With this workshop, we bring the topic of Good Governance within associations higher on the agenda. It is of crucial importance for the association sector to drive towards better Governance, which often enables growth. Good Governance in associations is a prerequisite for organisational legitimacy, autonomy and, ultimately, survival.

Efforts are being made to try and raise governance standards in the association sector, specifically around the principles of democracy, transparency, accountability in decision-making and inclusiveness in the representation of interested stakeholders.

This session is the official project start of a one-year-long dialogue launching a global initiative, together with a number of project partners, to support and help improve governance efforts for international and European associations and non-profits.

Together with international key partners, the goal of the initiative is to design a white paper that will become the standard and international guideline for Good Governance in Associations. Its commitment to international and European associations and non-profits is to implement Good Governance as part of the European Associations Week (EAW), a new annual one-week campaign that will be launched by ASSOCIATIONWORLD and its key partners in May 2022.

Come and join the conversation!





Session 2:
CEO in Action: Leaving the field behind


How can leaders inspire their team and their organization to bring their best in turbulent times?

The workshop will provide practical tools for any leader to:

  • Create a robust organization, which will thrive in turbulent times.
  • Quickly create high-performance teams.
  • Focus on the few elements which drive organizational performance.
  • Build an execution engine to achieve big strategic goals.
Session 3:
DIVERSITY IN ACTION: How to Create A DEI Strategy that Strengthens Your Association’s Impact, Engagement, and Sustainability

with BENITA LIPPS, Head of Association Management, Dentons Global Advisors Interel

Session overview:

While still misunderstood as a ‘soft factor’, diversity is more than an aspiration. Together with equity and inclusion, diversity will become a key driver for the associations of tomorrow: A smart DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) strategy helps associations to focus on what matters most, to act as the ‘true voice’ of their communities, and to remain relevant in a changing environment. In an interconnected world, diversity is also the key to organisational health and success: diverse teams make better decisions, and diverse organisations are more successful at recruiting talent, have a better reputation with members, partners and the general public, and perform financially better.

Despite its importance, associations often lack the know-how and the tools to successfully implement DEI strategies in their governance, programming, and operations. In this session, key association experts share their insights on what diversity is, why it matters, and how to embed it into the DNA of their associations. As a kick-off meeting for 3rd international edition of ‘Women Who Advance Associations’, we will also identify key questions, needs, and challenges that association face when it comes to DEI. The insights gained will inform its roadmap towards ‘Diversity in Action – A DEI Charter for International Associations.'

Session 4:
Membership: Navigating the Storm

The Association Engagement Model of the Future

with MATHIJS VLEEMING, Online Community Evangelist, Open Social

Session Overview: 

Associations went through a digital transformation on steroids. What are current challenges in these times of disruption and what role does your community play in your long-term future?

Learn how leading community-led organizations like Greenpeace and the United Nations are successfully unleashing the full power of their community. 

Discuss with peers how you could apply those lessons and what your future association engagement model could look like.



Time to catch up with old and new association peers and friends. Have a little walk around Gare Maritime.


MASTERCLASS - This will be an eye opener!

Session 5:
Philanthropy - Exploring Philanthropy as a new Source of Revenue - Part 1

A new source of revenue for non-industry, industry and trade associations / organizations?

with VALENTINA GUERRINI, Senior Director, Head of Philanthropy EMEA and APAC at Wealth-X and involving KAI TROLL and other association executives

Session overview: 

Considering the philanthropic approach is an area that associations and non-profits want to consider as one additional or very new revenue pillar, specifically focusing on "mega-donors" who are in the wealth tiers of Very High Net Worth (VHNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW). These populations have been insulated from the economic effects of COVID-19

Representing Wealth-X, Valentina will provide an overview of the High Net Worth population, trends that are effecting their philanthropic decisions, including their archetypes, the generational wealth transfer, and more. She will discuss the philanthropic landscape and research related to high level donor development using data that screens high-net-worth individuals and evaluates their social investment behaviors.



Session Overview: 

Panel discussion joint by 3 association event professionals 

Discussion: What and how are associations planning? Sharing best practices about upcoming events, plans, trends, decision making processes, RFP's, challenges and opportunities. 

Join the conversation!


WRAP UP. Closing of the day

by Moderator and association delegates

Delegates / associations sharing their experience of the day



Enjoy casual networking with your association peers and friends.



We are looking forward to seeing you back tomorrow morning.

BIAF - Day 2 7 December 2021


Registration & Welcome Coffee




with HARRY DEMEY, CEO of LDV United - Keynote Speaker

Master marketeer, mentor for several btc start-ups, board bember of Special Olympics, author of Spirit of the Valley

Session: Creating brands. Creating Fans.

Branding is all about the translation of the DNA of a brand.  It gives a product, service or any organisation a face.  Branding makes you relevant and distinctive. Do associations get that right? How can we improve the branding of our organizations?


PANEL DISCUSSION moderated by REMI DEVE, Chief Editor, Boardroom and Association Executives (tbc).



Time to catch up with old and new association peers and friends. Have a little walk around Gare Maritime.



Session 6:
CEO in Action: Focus on business models with emphasis on revenue diversification

with OSCAR CEREZALES, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), MCI Group Singapore

Session overview:

Business modelling has become a buzzword. We must understand the key blocks and how do they work together. 

How organizations capture and deliver long term value is an art but also a science. We will discuss how all blocks are intertwined. We will emphasize revenue increase  and potential diversification. 

Session outcomes:

- A high-level assessment, of the business model performance for your association

- Understand the key ingredients of high performing organizations 

- An overview of an association growth framework   

Session 7:
Membership: From Membership to Community Building

with MATHIJS VLEEMING, Online Community Evangelist, Open Social

Detailed session overview available shortly

Session 8:
Communications / Advocacy / Campaigning

with BORJANA PERVAN, Director of Communications, World Heart Federation

Session overview: 

Systemic change requires going beyond great programs and requires influencing public investments, business incentives, regulation and public opinion. Even identifying the barriers to progress can be a challenge. Yet strategies backed by evidence, public opinion and smart political analysis can lead to dramatic changes for society.

An interactive workshop combining mini-presentations that present the key elements of successful advocacy and campaigning approaches illustrated with case-studies.

Applied group work to test the tools we learn to real world problems , and a panel discussion with a group of association experts to answer questions and share their tips and tools.





Session 9:
CEO in Action: Philanthropy & High Level Donor Development - Part 2

Interactive workshop. How do you identify opportunities for your organization? How do you get started with creating a high-level-donor plan and what could be your approach? What are Nigh-Net-Worth Individuals looking?

For CEO's, Secretary Generals, Managing Directors, CFO's, Advocacy, Campaigning, Resource Development and Fundraising, Communications of non-industry / industry funded / trade associations / organizations and non-profits

Session 10:
Communications / Media: Beyond ‘lipstick on a pig’: How to craft compelling messages from complex content

with CRAIG WINNELER, Director of Communications, European renewable ethanol association (ePURE)

Session overview

Most policy-based communications campaigns fail at delivering key messages effectively – regardless of the medium used to deliver them. Even if they start from complex or specialized policy content, these campaigns need to focus on compelling messages tailored for specific target audiences. There is always a way to simplify and clarify before you amplify.

This workshop will address the challenges in creating effective and meaningful messages from complex or even boring subject matter.

The presentation will include a case-study of how to create a campaign on a wide-ranging policy topic with aspects of positive messaging and crisis communications.

Participants will learn how to distil information to make it more potent; how to tailor specific messages to different media (printed, in-person, online, social); how to give focus to a broad subject area.

Session 11:
Events Part 1 - Event Business Model and Sponsorship Strategy

with BENEDICTE LOSSEAU, Partner, Events & Operations and MICHIEL GEN, Partner & Stakeholder Management at  Exempla Management & Consulting , including other association event professionals

Session overview: 

Getting your event business model right has never been so critical… nor so challenging as we consider new, hybrid events for 2022. 

Whether your association relies on its congress profit to provide year-long value to members, or it needs assurance the investment in the event is appropriate, understanding the balance between funding sources and how these impact your event design is essential. 

One of the event revenue sources, sponsorship needs a tailored strategy, as opportunities not fully thought through and unmanaged expectations can quickly turn into a quality and reputation issue for your association. 



Time to catch up with old and new association peers and friends. Have a little walk around Gare Maritime.



Session 12:
Events Part 2: Event Registration Pricing Strategy

with BENEDICTE LOSSEAU, Partner, Events & Operations and MICHIEL GEN, Partner & Stakeholder Management at  Exempla Management & Consulting

KIRSTEN EPSKAMP, Operations Director at European Nuclear Society and other association event professionals

Session overview:

Once your event business model is established, how do you price? What are the decision factors in shaping your registration fee structure? How do you balance the event stakeholders’ ambitions and the practical, financial constraints to set a realistic target for your event revenue?   

Session 13:
Digital Transformation

with DIDIER SCAILLET, CEO, Meeting Profile

Detailed session overview available shortly


BIAF Outcomes & Conclusions

How to move forward as community?



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